Excellent Used Vehicles in Milwaukee, WI

There are a few things that you shouldn't buy used. But can you guess what didn't make the list at all? Used cars. That's because, when you shop at the right dealership, a used car can perform just as well as a brand-new car. And for customers in Milwaukee, the right dealership is here at Lake Ford.

Reliable Inventory You Can Trust

Our mechanics give their due diligence when they inspect our used vehicles. They go through each car, truck, and SUV with a fine-toothed comb to examine every component. From the engine to the alternator, to oil changes and topping off fluid. 

And when you have a professional examining your pre-owned car, you can drive off the lot with peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle won't just last a few months. With regular maintenance, your vehicle will last as long as you need it to.

Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles

We've got a laundry list of options for you here at Lake Ford. From luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and Audi to dependable and economic brands like Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Honda and more. Whether you need a vehicle for your first-time driver or you're looking to save a few thousand dollars, a used car is an excellent choice. We have vehicles under $15k that are in excellent shape and ready for a new home in Milwaukee.

Shop Lake Ford

At Lake Ford, we make sure we check all the boxes for our used vehicles. Quality, dependability, and various extended warranty options follow each vehicle in our inventory. With a selection as large as ours, we're sure that you'll find a new set of wheels for you to drive home to Glendale, WI.