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Discover the Capabilities and Performance of New Ford Trucks by Shopping at Lake Ford

For shoppers around town, only one body style stands out in solving hauling and towing needs. Pickup trucks are popular options in this area as they can be great road companions and impressive workhorses. For years, Ford has manufactured an enticing lineup of high-quality trucks, from adventure-ready models to commercial trucks. So, if you are in the market for a new truck, we invite you to our dealership in Milwaukee, where you can explore popular Ford trucks, like the Ford Ranger and Ford F-150.

Discover the New Ford Ranger

There are plenty of options in the mid-size truck segment, but a few trucks can match the capability and performance of the new Ford Ranger. With its powerful engine pumping out incredible torque and horsepower, this truck offers drivers a lot of power for a mid-size truck. Assisting this engine is a responsive automatic transmission that delivers incredible acceleration power and a smooth ride. Off-roading enthusiasts will find this mid-size truck accommodating as it offers an off-road package consisting of an available four-wheel drive and a terrain management system.

Discover the New Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is one of the most beloved models in the full-size truck segment, as it offers an array of configurable options. When shopping for this truck, you will choose between different engine options, including a hybrid engine that delivers incredible power while being efficient. With a towing prowess of 14,000 pounds, this truck is a workhorse that's happy to help you tow a camper or a boat. In addition to being an impressive work truck, the Ford F-150 is also an excellent family hauler. When you slide into the cabin, you will get a host of available and standard features to keep you connected, safe, and entertained.

Discover the New Ford F-250

Do you have hauling and towing needs that the Ford F-150 cannot solve? Come to our dealership and check out the new Ford F-250. It is a commercial truck that suits shoppers with large towing and hauling needs. With this truck, you can comfortably tow a camper above 14,000 pounds, thanks to robust and efficient V8 engines. You will also haul your loved ones comfortably and safely since this truck boasts a spacious cabin with high-end features and amenities.

Discover the New Ford F-350

Suppose your business demands a truck with unrivaled towing and hauling power over the Ford F-250. In that case, you will need a truck like the Ford F-350 that will supply you with the power required to tow heavy loads of up to 36,000 pounds. This truck comes with a turbo-diesel engine churning out impressive torque, fueling your ability to grind out a tough day's work. This truck also streamlines your day with innovative tech features like driver assistance features and an upgraded infotainment system. And when your off-roading trips require a calm ride that remains unflappable in harsh road and weather conditions, the Ford F-350 will deliver consistent performance levels.

Discover the New Ford Maverick

The new Ford Maverick is a compact truck that meets the demands of urban-centered drivers. Under the hood, you will find a hybrid engine that churns out enough power to pull a load of up to 4,000 pounds. While this truck features a rugged exterior, its compact design allows easy maneuverability in any setting. Inside, you will find a spacious cabin and an array of innovative tech features that enhance your driving experience.

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