Summer is synonymous with road trips, family reunions, concerts, and other fun outdoor activities. Before you head out for fun in the sun near Greendale, WI, it's a good idea to ensure your vehicle maintenance is up-to-date. Follow these summer service tips to keep your family safe on the roadways and ensure your vehicle performs its best. And plan your summer trip to the Lake Ford Service Center. We have the Ford parts and tools needed to run your best.

Oil Change

Routine oil and filter changes according to your user manual's recommendations are crucial. Typically, you should have this service performed at least every 5,000 miles. A new oil filter will keep particles from building up in your oil, and changing the oil regularly will keep engine parts well-lubricated so that things run smoothly.

AC Diagnostics

We also recommend Franklin, WI drivers check their air conditioning before summer's heat ramps up. If it doesn't seem to be running as cold as it should be, you may need to add refrigerant. If this doesn't do the trick, our trained technicians can work to diagnose and address the issue.

Tire Care

Whether driving around Milwaukee or taking a weekend road trip, properly inflated tires with good dread are necessary for a safe and comfortable ride. You should check your pressure and schedule tire rotations regularly. In addition, replace tires when you notice bald spots or worn tread. Trust our tire service experts to keep you rolling with confidence.

Air Filter Replacement

Air filters should be changed according to manufacturer recommendations or at least every 12 months or 1,200 miles. A clogged filter can lead to air conditioning malfunction or breakdown.

If you know that your car is due for any of these maintenance tasks or other work, you can schedule your summer service appointment online at our website. Have questions or need assistance? Need genuine Ford Parts for your next project? No problem. We have those available for you. An associate from our service center near Milwaukee will be happy to take your call.

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