With so many options on the market, figuring out what car to purchase next can feel overwhelming. However, consider the reasons why a certified pre-owned vehicle is a smart choice.

Why Buy a Ford

Ford is a popular brand with a longstanding history of pleasing drivers. Purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle means you'll drive away with a relatively young model, so you get to enjoy many features of a brand new car without the associated cost. At Lake Ford, you'll find pre-owned Ford SUVs, hybrids, sedans, and more. For example, you might buy a 2020 Ford Explorer with lots of cargo space, a third row, and the ability to set up a hotspot. Another option is the 2019 Ford Fusion, featuring voice-activated navigation and a blind-spot information system. You might also like the 2018 Ford F-150 pickup truck with its auto start-top technology and hitch assist.

Why Buy Certified Pre-owned

A pre-owned car is more than just a used vehicle. When a Ford is returned to the lot, such as after the end of a lease, the vehicle is thoroughly inspected before it can qualify as certified pre-owned. Most certified pre-owned vehicles do not have any history of accidents and have few miles on them. These cars are generally also newer than typical used vehicles. Furthermore, you can get a warranty on a certified pre-owned vehicle, thereby giving you confidence as you drive through Milwaukee. Another benefit of this type of car is that you can get a stellar vehicle for a great price.

Shopping for a certified pre-owned vehicle is an exciting experience. You can browse through various makes and models at our dealership to find the one that is the right fit for your needs. Then, after a talk with our finance team, you can drive away in the luxury and style of a brand new car for less.