Compact trucks haven't had their moment for quite a while here in the Milwaukee market. But now that midsize trucks are getting so much bigger, there is much room for them to shine. We here at Lake Ford, Inc have the all-new Ford Maverick, and we will look at what it entails.


Some would argue that the Maverick is not as capable of it doesn't make it a truck, but there are some compelling reasons why Ford went in this direction. The first reason is that the Maverick is the first truck to come standard with a hybrid drivetrain. It is run by a powerful 2.5-liter motor of four cylinders, paired with an electric motor.

Its potent powertrain is connected to a continuous variable transmission. Why is this powertrain exceptional? Well, to begin with, it provides excellent gas mileage of about 500 miles for one full tank of gas. When it comes to the hybrid, the engine and motor sort of bounce back and forth, they work together to provide maximum power. When driving slowly, the car is run by the EV mode, but when you are accelerating or driving on the highway, you will get into the combustion engine part of it.


Up to date, technological innovation comes standard with the all-new Maverick. These features are present to cater to the needs of comfortability and entertainment of everyone in the vehicle. When you buy the Ford Maverick, you get a standard eight-inch touchscreen for your infotainment needs like navigation, and it also includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This embedded modem can accommodate up to 10 users on Wi-Fi. For the XL model, the driver receives a standard 4.2-inch LCD instrument cluster to assist them in monitoring speed, among other things.

Higher trims of the Ford Maverick feature power driver seats, leather-fitted steering wheels, and dual-zone climate control systems. The infotainment system also has a user-friendly SYNC system that uses voice activation technology. It comes in handy when it comes to making phone calls and selecting your favorite playlist. All you have to do is speak out a command, and the system does everything for you.


Inside this magnificent car is a luxurious interior. It can accommodate five passengers comfortably thanks to its spacious interior. Everyone gets to enjoy ample leg and headroom throughout every drive. On higher trims, you get to enjoy high-quality comfortability thanks to things like ambient lighting, and seats fit with premium material, et cetera.

Its storage capacity is also excellent. The Maverick provides storage spaces under the back seats and door on the doors, where you can store things like your water bottles, documents among many other things.

For an expansive view of your outside environment, this truck comes standard with a power moon roof. With it, you can allow light into your cabin while also allowing maximum air circulation.


There are standard safety features which include automatic emergency braking and pre-collision alerts. Ford's co-pilot system is available as an additional package on every trim. For the more advanced trims, safety features include dynamic cruise control and Lane centering assist.


Different trim varieties allow buyers to weigh their options thoroughly before settling their minds on which model to buy. Here at Lake Ford, Inc are the available trims of the all-new Ford Maverick truck. These trims vary in specs as top trims are more advanced than base trims. These trims include the:

  • XL
  • XLT

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