Are you a young person in Milwaukee, WI looking for a new car, truck, or SUV, but you just started your career and don't have a huge income yet? Would you describe yourself as a young professional on the rise, but you need a new vehicle now? It can be tough to be in the position of needing a new car, but not currently being able to afford the higher payment that comes it with it now, especially if you're not in the position to enter a Ford lease. Lake Ford, located at 4201 South 27th Street in Milwaukee, WI, has a solution that might help in the Ford Flex Buy program.

How Does the Ford Flex Buy Program Work?

If you're someone whose income will increase over time, but isn't there quite yet, the Ford Flex Buy program might be for you. This can be true of younger folks just starting out their career, or for business owners who are just starting out, but need the vehicles right now. Lake Ford is very well-known for having a fantastic inventory of its commercial vehicles and owners of a business can go a long way toward building their fleet with our selection. The Ford Flex Buy program is designed to grow with customers as their income grows. This means that when you are approved for the Ford Flex Buy program, you monthly payments grows in line with your monetary success.

This financing program is set up to last 66 months. For the first 36 months, drivers can look forward to low monthly payments that are affordable for their budgets. In the next 30 months, the payments increase but, at that point, the hope is that your income has kept pace. The result of this plan is that the average payments over these 66 months is lower than what you would get over a normal 60-month term. Many drivers who enter the Ford Flex Buy program like the fact that this plan allows them to get behind the wheel of a new Ford car, truck, or SUV with a flexible payment.

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Are you looking to get an affordable monthly payment on a new Ford vehicle that can grow with your income? Complete the online credit application and a finance professional at Lake Ford, in Milwaukee, WI, will reach out to you with the next steps.

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