Spending money on auto parts on top of the already considerable investment you've made and your current monthly loan payments if you still have them is nobody's idea of a good time. But neither is having to say goodbye to a perfectly good Ford because it wasn't properly maintained and fixed when necessary. That's why it's important having all your service and parts related needs for your vehicle taken care of at our Milwaukee, WI Ford dealership, as we're ready to take care of any and all issues your F-150, Fusion or Escape is facing. Plus, you might get to see a furry friend when you visit.



So why buy Genuine Ford Parts from us here in Milwaukee? Though this city offers plenty of independent car parts dealers, buying Genuine Ford Parts from a certified dealership like ours is going to leave your car, truck or SUV in far better shape. Our parts and service experts will see exactly what your Ford model needs in terms of repairs and if anything needs to be replaced, and we have the specific matching parts needed to get you back out on the road in a ride that's safe and ready for your travels.

Though independent parts dealers might promise lower prices, having wrong components with your Ford might end up doing far more considerable damage. Even with the security of using the Lake Ford parts department, we help you save. Our parts specials cut the costs of any replacement brake pad, rotors, calipers and other parts you need to buy from us. We also make it easy to order parts online, so if you know what needs to be replaced, get started right now.

For all your auto parts needs, visit Lake Ford in Milwaukee today and we'll be happy to help you out.

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