Get Your Car, Truck, or SUV Ready for Winter with Help from the Service Center at Lake Ford

Winter in Wisconsin is no joke. As drivers in the area know, we get all types of different weather during our winter months and they can play havoc with the road conditions and your vehicle. Before you know it, the snow and ice will really start to drop, and you’ll need to be ready to deal with the onslaught of challenges that winter weather brings to driving. There a few basic car maintenance items that you can complete that will make your winter driving season safer and easier and the service center at Lake Ford, located at 4201 South 27th Street in Milwaukee, WI, can help you get those done.

Service to Help Keep You Safe

If you are in the position where you feel like your current vehicle might not be safe for winter travel, please peruse our new Ford inventory, as we have a great collection of vehicles that are well-suited for the winter. You’ll find options in our pre-owned collection as well. Milwaukee, WI drivers who need to get their current vehicle ready will find our service center more than up to the task of assisting them. One of the first services they can offer is to inspect your battery. You don’t have to get stranded in the snow because your car won’t start. If you’re battery is no longer going to perform consistently, we can replace it.

The service technicians can also install new windshield wipers that are designed for snow and ice. We can also make sure that your current tires have enough tread to safely get you through the winter season. For those drivers who don’t currently have snow tires, you can get yourself a great set from our parts center and the techs in our service center will put them on for you. Snow tires are a great investment for folks who are going to face snowy and icy road conditions. They are specifically designed, unlike all-season tires, to get you maximum traction on the type of road conditions you find during the winter months.

Set Up an Appointment

Inclement weather will be here soon, and the winter challenges for your vehicle will soon follow. Make an appointment with our service center today and get yourself prepared for winter so you don’t get caught up in a snowstorm without your car being ready.

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